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poll if you are going to a drive in and do not have to get out of the car will you drive barefoot?

I always drive barefoot and if I am not getting out of the car I won’t even bring my shoes.

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8 Responses to “poll if you are going to a drive in and do not have to get out of the car will you drive barefoot?”

  1. ♥kisses♥ said:

    yeah why not BB?

  2. two-four-six-eight said:

    LOL, that’s jokes.
    no. i will atleast wear flip flops or my house slippers.
    im kind of a germ-a-phobe (is that how you spell it?)

  3. Jess said:

    no wtf? lol

  4. Jason Starship said:

    yes i will.

  5. Aviation747 said:

    Sure ^_^

  6. ofevermore said:

    What if you get pulled over? When I drive barefoot, I stick one leg out the window…do you?

  7. gummyroach said:

    By Drive In do you mean fast food joint, or are you talking about a Drive In Theater? I love drive in theaters!!!

    Anyway, no, I would not drive barefoot. The pedals would feel very weird against my feet, not to mention god only knows what kind of stuff might be in those floor mats! Ewww! And if I ever had to get out of my car, like if it broke down, or I was in an accident, it would be nice to have my shoes on.

    When I go to a drive in theater, I like to visit the snack bar. The typical drive in theater has a poorly maintained lot. Some of them consist of gravel, pavement, or sand with cactus and sage brush! That would be absolute hell to try to walk across in my bare feet! Once I’ve bought my snacks and have settled down in my car to watch the movie, then sure, I’ll take off my shoes. I don’t leave the house without them.

  8. Pauly said:

    I drive barefoot, but I usually keep my sandals beside me just in case I need to slip them on.


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