My schools having a bazaar what are some cool ideas for fun tables and such?

We have a candy table. (some one donated the candy)
Games (maybe you can think of a fun idea for a game)
Or think of something like this…
a girl picked a doll and gave it a name, and people have to guess what she named it. Who ever guesses right or closest gets to keep the doll.
Use you smart creative brains people of Yahoo, for cool ideas
thx xxPrincessNiaxx

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3 Responses to “My schools having a bazaar what are some cool ideas for fun tables and such?”

  1. M i i i C H A E L ™ said:

    Blow-up Blow Job!

  2. Kathy M said:

    Here’s something that can be made to be used year after year…. and guaranteed someone will want to buy it. Kids can play at this table while parents are shopping around… really cool!

  3. xoxo Amelia Rose said:

    a cool game to play is Murderer or Drifter [depends on what you feel like call it] so basicallly you have a Drifter or murderer who kills people during a round. everyone walks around and the murderer will ‘poke’ someone and after five seconds of being poked the person falls down and dies [pretends to]. this continues and people can try and guess who the murderer is.

    20 questions 🙂 i love that game.

    Would you rather? games are fun. get a fishbowl and then fill it with slips with would you rather questions like “would you rather be ducttaped to a fish or walk around with sweaty feet?”

    Same can be applied to Truth or Dare


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