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Moms: what do you tell the kids when it’s time for you and dad to disappear upstairs for a while?

…and you don’t want the little buggers to interrupt.

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14 Responses to “Moms: what do you tell the kids when it’s time for you and dad to disappear upstairs for a while?”

  1. J.A.F said:

    well, i’m not a mom, but if I were I’d slip the little rascal a few shots of rum into his sippy cup so he can knock out for the rest of the night

  2. bumblebee said:

    All our kids are in reform school so we don’t have to worry or go upstairs…

  3. Lady M said:

    Were going to take a nap, don’t wake us up.

  4. ǝ11ǝıɹqɐb said:

    I’ve told the kids that their father is a part time doctor and it’s time for my exam

  5. Super Sexy Elbows Grimey said:

    Yeah, that never works.

  6. SOOO CUTE said:

    We have to talk. And no, it doesn’t work!!

  7. Crash Fu™ said:

    “Okay kids, your father is going to be using a jackhammer…”

  8. Lilia said:

    Be nice…we’re going to wrap your birthday presents…

  9. FunBetty! said:

    that we’re going to clean the upstairs bathroom. Unless they want to clean it themselves – they shouldn’t come up the stairs.

    Who am I kidding?? My bedroom is on the main floor. I wouldn’t want to go upstairs, that’s where the kids’ rooms are.

  10. Juicy said:

    We don’t have an upstairs… what…?

  11. ~Lilbit~ said:

    We usually just wait until their asleep and occasionally we sneak one in on Saturday mornings when they become zombie-like in front of the cartoons.

  12. dingelbury (ShamWow!) said:

    “Hey tiger, I’m not sure how to break it to you but…you were adopted. Why don’t you take the next 6 hours to search for your real parents?”

  13. KK88 Your Face said:

    I give them sound proof earmuffs, a cardboard box, and some markers.
    If they dont have enough imagination to be a fighter pilot then they arent gonna have enough imagination to figure out mommys gettin railed.

  14. (¸.•♥´ SamMarie `♥•.¸) said:

    kids, daddy and i have some business to take car of…..


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