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Is divorce lawyer to celebrities the most lucrative and easy attorney job you can get after law school?

You deal with multi-million dollar estates, so your fees are likely to be very good. There is always lots of work because celebrities get divorced so often. And the work is easy all you do is say “irreconcilable differences” and split it 50-50 since celebrities don’t want the attention anyways. It’s only a little more difficult when there are kids.

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6 Responses to “Is divorce lawyer to celebrities the most lucrative and easy attorney job you can get after law school?”

  1. topguntony said:

    It’s not as simple as that. they might hire really sharp attorney’s,
    but more likely,you have to earn your way into such a close knit business.

  2. RWR said:

    You have no idea what an attorney’s job is in this field. If you want to know. Just go to any court room in your your area they are open to the public. All you have to do is sit in the back to get a real education of what the real world as an attorney is like.

  3. Lia said:

    and streets are paved with gold and lightposts are made of candy canes…..

    btw- let us know if santa ate all the cookies you left for him….

  4. Flyby said:

    There is nothing easy when it comes to law. Divorce law is probably one of the most challenging. I would not expect most divorces to be settled all that amicably. Even if the divorce aspect is easy the property and custody issues are always a challenge. You don’t earn the big bucks without working hard. I would also not expect to work a 40 hour work week. Lawyers usually put in a lot of hours. Many will work as many as 70 hours or more per week. If you want to earn big money then expect to work hard for it. It it were that easy everyone would be doing it. Clients will not pay big fees to an attorney who doesn’t know how to win.

  5. Rose du fantôme said:

    Do I hear a “duh” anyone?

  6. Judy said:

    Uh, you are forgetting a few things – like how will you convince those celebs to hire you? Also, it doesn’t work nearly as simply as your question indicates that you think it does.


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