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How much money should I take with me to Warped Tour?

I’m not planning on buying a lot of merch. Maybe a t-shirt if there’s one I especially like. And what else can you tell about what to expect at Warped Tour. I’ve never been. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “How much money should I take with me to Warped Tour?”

  1. laninaloca9090 said :

    If your only going to buy a concert shirt i wouls suggest more than 45 they are very expensive at shows

  2. Lys said :

    Okay so the t-shirts are usually cheaper at Warped Tour. Bands can afford to sell their merch cheaper because they don’t have to give a percentage to the store to sell them. You can get great deals. I usually take around $50. That should be enough. You are going to use most of your money for water. Here a regular bottle of water is usually $4. It’s always been that price.

    Clothes: BE COMFORTABLE. Shorts and t shirt are perfect.
    Take: A sharpie (to get things signed), a notebook (to write down the band schedule) and a backpack (to put everything in there.)


  3. nicole said :

    Well it matters what your wanting to buy but expect to pay 20 to 30 on shirts, $10 if you want food, and 4 to 5 dollar water bottles. Some bands have really good deals where you can get a cd and shirt for like $20. There is a ton of free stuff too including cds, stickers, etc.. If you want to save money bring your own water bottle (they will let you bring it if its not opened already) then go to the first aid tent (easy to spot with the red cross on it) and you can refill it for free. Easy way to drink as many water bottle full amount without paying a fortune. Reapply sunscreen a lot, putting it on before isnt enough. Expect the hottest weather possible because being that squished in with people during the summer while moving around get you HOT. Bring a small backpack for your stuff, a purse or tote (not sure if your a guy or girl) is harder to keep with you in the crowd.

  4. (: said :

    I would say bring a minimum of $50. T-Shirts and hoodies can range from $20-$40 each and food is veryveryvery expensive–a bottle of water is around $4.

    It really depends on the person though and what you plan on buying while you’re there. I went to Bamboozle this year and spent $60 between the two days, but I didn’t eat anything at the concert those two days; I ended up blowing all my money on band merch(:

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