How much makeup do celebrities wear when they act on tv shows?

When I’m watching tv it always seems like the celebrities have perfect skin and everything.
Is that look just natural or how much makeup are they really wearing?

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4 Responses to “How much makeup do celebrities wear when they act on tv shows?”

  1. J said:

    Read a Peoples mag sometime. You would be shocked at what most celebrities look like with out makeup. People ran a piece a few months back and showed several celebrities with and without their makeup on, Wow what a difference. Celebrities sit for hours while professionals put their makeup on. To look natural use foundation close to your skin color, go light on the shadows, blush and eye brow pencils. Stay away from glitter and bright make up because it really shows you have it on. Keep to neutrals and earth tones. Good Luck J

  2. ieatgreensheep said:

    They are wearing everything imaginable, put on by a top makeup artist.

    ANYONE could have great looking skin in those circumstances.

  3. GooGooForGaGa said:

    ALOT and they get it done by proffesional makeup artists with proffesional airbrush makeup

  4. Susie Salmon said:

    They have makeup caked on them when they’re out acting or having tv appearances give you the deception From afar they give you the deception that their skin and everything about their face is glamorous but in all actuality without it on, they look way older and almost ordinary!


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