How come the media is quick to critise a celebrity weight?

How come the every single time the media is
quick to cristie a celebrity when the celebrity
gains weight and then all of a sudden
when the celebrity loses weight all sudden they
say that she is too skinny,why can’t they ever
accept the celebrity the way they are?

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4 Responses to “How come the media is quick to critise a celebrity weight?”

  1. BARON'S said:

    Because they have nothing better to write, and they still need to sell their news/magazine to make bucks than just sitting ducks.

  2. Christine B said:

    For some strange reason the weight thing sells magazines

  3. pen said:

    The media and celebrities, are playing a game with the Audiences, there is implication deal, between them, to deceive the people, celebrities become more famous, the media sells stories quickly, the problem my friend, with people themselves.

  4. Fox News is the best! said:

    the media is quick to criticize a celebrity’s weight because it hates fat people.


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