How come all celebrities are made fun of in their childhood?

Nearly every story I have read about celebrities has bits from their childhood, and every celebrity says they didn’t have many friends growing up, and were made fun of? I know it’s not true with all celebrities, but everyone I’ve read about it is.

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4 Responses to “How come all celebrities are made fun of in their childhood?”

  1. Joanne said:

    a lot say that for sympathy. but for some such as madonna and miley, it’s the truth. because they were different and unique. raven symone was picked on because she was mildy famous. so some celebs were made fun of but then there’s others that overeact.

  2. Take A Breath said:

    Yeah I have too. I read that no one would sit by Taylor Swift because she had frizzy hair. Wich I find pretty stupid.

  3. (:l0llYP0P:) said:

    Not all…Well I don’t really know but I don’t think all celebrities were made fun of in their childhoods but that’s just my opinion and guess…(:

  4. virgo889alwayz said:

    I don’t know about that, but I think it gives them the extra push to prove themselves to those who put them down so many times before. As if to say “Look at me! Look who I have become! Take that losers!” You know, something to that effect. It may conscious or subconscious; either way when one is ridiculed in childhood, you want to push it the back of your mind as far as you can or either act out on it.


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